Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Third Of The Way To £10,000

After a busy few weeks of work, training and dinner planning, I have surpassed a third of my £10,000 target. 
Currently received a total of 93 donations, which is a staggering amount with 7 weeks still to go. People from all across the country and the world have donated very kindly and gradually my, once ambitious, target of £10,000 may well be attainable.
Dinner plans are under way, masks have been purchased, prizes have been ready and table plans are made. 130 people will head to the MacDonald Holyrood Hotel on Friday to support Make-A-Wish and enjoy an evening with speeches, prizes and great food & drink.
Big thanks to all of those attending on Friday, and to all who have supported or donated thus far. Seems that people are really behind the challenge and the Foundation and it is great to see. 
49 days...

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