Wednesday, 30 May 2012

4 Weeks To Go

4 weeks to go until the challenge and my legs are starting to feel the effects of training. 8 miles of walking up and down the hill to work each day, usually with my backpack and my golf bag, is causing some relationship conflicts between me and my legs. Add to that a round or two of golf, a gym session, a 10k run or a Yoga class each day, and you begin to understand why. 
Whilst it is hard to prepare for playing 10 rounds in a day, I am trying to get in as much walking and running as I can. Predictably, my knees, calves and feet are going to be hating me towards the last couple of rounds, so any preparation I can do to get them used to that is effective in my book. 
As well as building up my strength and endurance, working on my flexibility is key also. Being supple and being able to swing throughout the day without added strain or stiffness will help no-end come June 27th. I am 6 weeks into my yoga and feeling the difference it is making. Whilst am I no guru when it comes to downward dog or shoulder stands, I can feel improvement and feel the post-yoga fatigue in my core, legs & shoulders.
So what do I have in store for the last 4 weeks. First goal is to climb Ben Nevis. The 10-round challenge day will involve climbing 5000ft+ throughout the day, a shade more than the height of Ben Nevis, the UK's largest peak. So to me, and perhaps only me, it makes sense to climb Nevis... with my golf bag.
My first planned climb was cancelled due to bad weather. The talk of "ice axes, crampons and climbing equipment" was enough to take a rain-check last month. But I am hoping with the holiday weekend ahead, I can celebrate the 
Queen's jubilee by climbing the highest mountain in her 
Other than that, I have a few interviews to do. I'm talking with Josh Marris on Thursday, the Australian pro golfer who walked 10 rounds in a day last year. I have an interview with a Florida TV Station to do and I am also going to talk with PGA Tour pro, my former college roommate and the highly opinionated, Russell Knox (pictured), to get his opinion on the challenge.
Finally, I will be talking with a local group of physios to get their take on how I should be finishing my preparation, dealing with the day itself and how to cope with the post-challenge recovery.
Anyway, that is the update for today. Check back later this week for my interview with Josh and as always please keep the support and donations coming!
28 days...

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