Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fellow 10-Round Challenger: Josh Marris

Many of you have heard me mention that more people walking the planet have walked on the moon, than walk 10 rounds in one day. Well, one of the men that has is Josh Marris, an Australian pro golfer, who completed the challenge in September 2011.
I have been in touch with Josh to discuss our similar interest in golf and over-confidence in thinking we are fit enough to last 180 holes. He has kindly agreed to do an interview with yours truly, so stayed tune for that coming here soon.
Until then, I encourage you to read through his challenge via the link below. Josh was raising money for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research after learning that his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, just days after his Aunt underwent her final chemo treatment for the same thing. 
Tip of the cap to you Josh!

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