Wednesday, 13 June 2012

2 Weeks To Go

Seemed like a couple of weeks ago, I was telling people about this golf challenge had planned in 3 or 4 months. Well now, it is just 2 weeks away.

Training has cooled off since the 8-round practice day. I have been playing quite a bit and continue to do around 10-15 miles of walking a day, I am just being careful not to do too much and be fatigued when the challenge-week comes around.

Still organising a video call with Josh Marris to get some last-minute tips from someone that knows what it's like to play 10 rounds in a day. I got a nice emails of support from both my former University and also Gavin Hastings. It's great to hear from people that have read about or seen the challenge and want to support, donate or help.

Plan for the next couple of weeks is to continue a lot of stretching and walking to prepare for the physical challenge of the day. Also beginning to adjust my body clock, and getting up earlier in the day to allow me to feel wide-awake and ready at 3.30am on June 27th. Other than that, keep spreading the word and raising money.

Sitting at 50% of my target with just 2 weeks to go. It may well take a miracle to get to £10,000 by June 27th, but fingers crossed the challenge continues to inspire donations and support. The Make-A-Wish Foundation deserve every penny raised. Here is a look at their latest wish:

14 days...

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