Wednesday, 20 June 2012

1 Week To Go

One week left. Gulp.
Most of the prep has been done now, just a case of final preparations and hoping for good weather. Weather has been very mixed recently, so it could be anything, and I will be packing for all outcomes. Mist and rain would be the killers on the day, but I'll just have to wait and see. Predicting Scottish weather is much like selecting winning lottery numbers.
Found another golfer doing a similar 180-hole challenge tomorrow in England. Managed to contact him so we have a £10 wager on our score+time for the ten rounds. He is a pro, so it may be a tall order, but I can't let an Englishman beat me.
Few things left to organise before next Wednesday: getting a bin to use as a temporary ice bath on the day, making my own trail mix and gathering supplies, steadily altering my body clock to allow me to be on my game at 3.30am and a few other minor details to make sure the day is a success. 
Couple of long runs and walks planned over the next 4 days, then as of Monday, I am shutting it down and resting up for the 27th. 
Had a good few responses to the Mizuno competition. If you want to win a set of Mizuno irons worth £700, simply donate £10 and guess my score for the 10 rounds. More info here.
Thanks again for supporting. Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook for more updates and notes from throughout the day.
7 days...

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