Wednesday, 18 April 2012

10 Weeks To Go...

Today marks 10 weeks until the challenge. What does that mean, time to step it up! 

Well and truly into diet and exercise mode now. Need to drop some weight over the coming weeks to make the walking easier. Currently pushing 215lbs (15st) on the scales. That number needs to be around 195lbs come June 27th, with a lot of core strength and flexibility to match.

So, no more walking the 4 miles to work, time to start running. No more stretching before I play, tonight I start an 11 week Yoga class. No more 18 holes of casual golf, this weekend I am going to play 5 rounds on Sunday and see how that goes/feels. 

The donations have been incredible recently. The 18 days of April have raised £1,600 and I am now sitting at £2,168, 21% of the way to my (ambitious) £10,000 target. 

Plans for the dinner are keeping me extremely busy, but the response has been good. Got a lot of good raffle prizes to thank those that come out on May 11th.  

70 days...

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